Hi, I'm Tatyana

I am a curious, open-minded Product Designer with 8 years of experience building and managing tech products. I've worked on start-ups for Consumer and Enterprise. I’ve been involved in all steps of project creation from ideation to launch. I’m passionate about design, collaboration and making users excited about new cutting edge products. I relocated to San Francisco two years ago, and I wanted to get involved in the local tech industry.

In my free time, I teach classical ballet at the Bay Area Ballet Conservatory. My challenge in ballet class is to make my students excited about ballet patterns and to find a special approach for each of the students. I'm always trying to encourage them to not be afraid to learn by making mistakes, and I hope this philosophy translates into helping them in their everyday lives.

Three years ago I started my own company BowsAndTulle. We are produce and sell clothes worldwide. I started the company on my own, and I now have 15 people working with me. UX design implementation has been a key component to our success by inviting users to be part of each step of product development. This allows our users to choose the fashion rather than us telling them what to wear, increasing
sales and minimizing returns.


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